Mama.. Eat & Glow is a place where delicious meets nutritious on a plate. On our menu, you can find delicious and decadent food with our own unique twist. Cooking and eating is not just a matter of taste as food has now transformed into an issue of health, philosophy, and ethics. Today’s customers demand for nutritious, and delicious food & beverages has increased dramatically, not to mention a growing trend towards the organic and locally produced food markets , especially in Kuwait. We are proud to be one of the first vendors of Shakshooka Market, the first farmer’s market of its kind in Kuwait. Shakshooka market boomed in 2013 and has more than 500 goers weekly. The lack of local organic and healthy vendors has made Eat & Glow one of the few advocates of the healthy food movement in Kuwait. To us, food is so much more than nourishment, food can lift and energize you, or it can bind and restrict you, depending on its nature. That’s why, no matter what we cook, we keep in mind that quality organic ingredients are the single most important element in preparing any healthy dish.

Our commitment to living well extends beyond the four walls of our business, we are committed to the health of the local communities in which we live, as well international areas in need. We are committed to help children in Africa, Latin America, and many other less fortunate countries around the world. We had the honor of contributing to the children in KACCH Kuwait, serving them our healthy treats.

We are committed to living in a sustainable environment where we recycle most of our display, and packaging. Educating our clients to recycle is one of the main objectives for Mama. Eat & Glow, we encourage our customers to recycle their jars by offering a special discount on their next order.

We hope you enjoy our little treats made especially for you!